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  • Together with all the Psychology study associations in the Netherlands, Stichting Studieverenigingen Psychologie Nederland (SSPN) has organised the National Psychology Congress on the 23rd of February. This year, diverse themes will be highlighted in the form of TED Talks. The congress will be opened by the Vrije Universteit’s favorite Work and Organisational Psychology professor: Kilian Wawoe. Following the opening, three subjects will be discussed: Forensic Psychology by Radboud University’s Erik Bulten, Clinical Psychology by Utrecht’s Haza Rahim and the newest technological developments in psychological research by University of Twente’s Peter Slijkhuis.

    Because of the many topics that will be covered during this congress, there will be something interesting for everyone. All these relevant subjects, covered by universities’ favorites from across the country, will make the congress an incredibly informative and inspiring event. 

    You can walk in from 13:00 till 13:30. Make sure you are on time, because the opening will be at 13:30. The readings will be finished at around 16:00, afterwards you can join us and the professors in the university’s hall to have a drink and some appetizers. 

    Tickets are now available via https://eventix.shop/7xs233t2. Be quick, because there are only 150 spots!

    We hope to see you there!

    Kind regards,

    SSPN 2017-2018

  • Hockeyers opgelet! Vanaf dinsdag 13 februari 2018 start het Sportcentrum VU met nieuwe zaalhockeycompetitie! Mixed teams, dinsdagavond, 12 wedstrijden en dat al vanaf 37,50 euro p.p. Inschrijven en meer info via: https://sportcentrum.vu.nl/zaalhockey! Ben jij erbij?!

  • Compilatie November

    19 december 2017

  • Compilatie Oktober

    14 november 2017


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