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    11 december 2018

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    04 juli 2018

    Who are we?
    VSPVU is the Study association for Psychology and Child Studies students' at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. With approximately 1600 members, we are one of the big five associations of the VU. Study associations like they exist in the Netherlands are a unique concept. Study associations begin where the study program stops, it is an extension to the regular study program introducing you deeper in the working field of Psychology and Child Studies through lectures, a conference, workshops or company visits. Also, students can come to VSPVU for all kinds of handy information and you are always welcome to come around for a cup of coffee or tea and a chat at our room. And don't forget to check our amazing parties, social drinks, travels and other fun activities! For more information about our committees and our activities, you can click on committees above. 
    What do we offer?
    The goal of VSPVU is to offer support to students regarding their studies and to get to know one another. Being a member of the VSPVU has quite some advantages. If you are a VSPVU member, you'll get discount up to 15 percent on your study books and summaries, which you can order online or in the bookstore. It's also possible to get tutoring for courses that you find a bit hard. VSPVU organizes study-related activities, which complement your studies and help you prepare for your career as a psychologist. Besides that, VSPVU is also a great way to meet new people and make friends. VSPVU organizes all kinds of social activities, such as the social drinks and the VSPVU-parties. You can also choose to become an active member of VSPVU. This means applying for a spot in a committee. For more information about that, please click on the 'committee' button. 
    Where can you find us?
    Every working day between 10-16, there will be two board members present at the VSPVU room, MF D056. This is in the Medical Faculty building (Van der Boechorststraat 7, 1081BT Amsterdam). You are more than welcome to come by for a cup of coffee/tea, to play some games or just have a chat. You can call us at 020-5988919, our email is board@vspvu.com and you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat!
    Introduction Days
    From the 23rd until the 28th of August, the introduction days will take place. In a group with other students, guided by two amazing mentors, you will get to know the study, other students, the city Amsterdam and of course the study association VSPVU. The week is full of activities, such as a party, games and preparation activities for the study. You can still sign up at: https://bachelors.vu.amsterdam/en/introduction-days/registration/index.aspx?bron=banner 
    Introduction Weekend
    From the 7th until the 9th of September, VSPVU sets off to a secret location for the Introduction weekend. This will be an amazing weekend full of fun, parties and games. This is the perfect opportunity to meet other first-year students and your friends for the coming years! The goal of the weekend is to get to know one another and to have a lot of fun! So don't miss out and join us for the introduction weekend. 

  • Study Sessions

    29 mei 2018

    The exams and resits are in sight again! Can't find a spot to study in the busy canteen? Are you unable to focus? Come to the VSPVU Study Sessions! 

    From the 22nd of May till the 1st of June, we have reserved a room for you to study in peace. The board will be there to support you with free cookies and coffee/tea/lemonade. Of course you could always come to us to complain about how hard life is right now! If you still need a summary, you can buy them at the balie in the basement of the VU Bookstore from the 15th till the 25th of May from 12.45-13.30 or online at athenasummary.nl 

    The rooms we reserved for the Study Sessions are:
    Tuesday 22: WN-M607
    Wednesday 23: WN-C659
    Thursday 24: WN-G076
    Friday 25: WN-F607
    Monday 28: HG-01A32
    Tuesday 29: HG-10A36
    Wednesday 30: HG-10A36
    Thursday 31: HG-12A33
    Friday 1: MF-A415

    We wish you all the best of luck with your exams. You can do this!


    the 71st board of the VSPVU

  • WANTED: Chairmen

    11 mei 2018

    Are you excited for one of our committees? Do you want to lift your organizational skills to a new level? Then this is your moment: become chair(wo)man of one of the VSPVU committees! 

    A year as a chair(wo)man means that you will lead the meetings and are responsible for the activities or product of the committee. You get a chance to build your own team and work towards the most fun and amazing activities, a beautiful yearbook or inspiring magazine! 

    If you can’t remember what all the committees are that we have, you can find it on the following page: https://vspvu.com/en/association/committees 

    Still enthusiastic? Do you want to apply? The most important thing is that you keep the evening of the 16th of May free for your application. Send a mail to board@vspvu.com before 14th of May to apply as candidate for one of the committees. 

    More questions? Walk in the VSPVU-room (MF-D056) for a cup of coffee or tea and hit one of the board-members up!

  • The national Psychology Master Guide is online now! In this guide, all Psychology masters in the Netherlands are described. Click here to see the guide. 


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