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Welcome new students!


Dear new students, welcome to the Vrije Universiteit! This will become a new, exciting chapter in your life, and we hope that you will enjoy it to the fullest! Being a student does not only mean studying, it also means having fun with you fellow students on activities, or to participate in extra educational activities like lectures and excursions to get to know more about Psychology or Pedagogical Sciences. That's where we, the VSPVU comes in! Below you can find links to important parts of our website to prepare you, since we want to guarantee that you will enjoy this part of your life to the fullest!

If you already want to look into which books you will need throughout your studies, click here to go to the information page about the VU Book store. As a member of the association you get discounts as well! At the end of every period we also sell summaries in the physical VU Book store!

If you want to become an Active member, then click here to sign up to become an Active Member. The Board will contact you in or around September, and you can easily combine it with your study! More information can be found on the sign-up page. If you want to know what all committees enhold, please take a look at our Committees page.

If you ever feel a bit lost on the campus and don't know who to contact if you need any advice, then we recommend to take a look at our Useful Sites page. Here, you can find links to VUnet and Canvas, but also to the study advisors and more!

And last but not least, to get discounts on our many activities, books, summaries, merchandise, study and ski trips and much more, then click here to become a Bachelor Member, and click here to become a Master Member. It is very cheap annually and if you bought your books for the first period with discount, you already made up the costs! In total, over your first year you can get over 100 euros of discounts on your books alone, so it is certainly worth it!

We hope this gives you a good head start, and we hope to see you (when possible) in our VSPVU room, which can be found in the Medical Faculty at room D056. You can also contact us through mail ( over the summer, or by calling us when the room is back open again. Also see our Contact page for a contact form.

Good luck studying, and have fun partying!

- The Board of VSPVU