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Book Sales

You can buy books in the bookshop at the VU or online. If you wish to buy your books in the bookshop, you can find the books at the VU Boekhandel in the main building. The VU Boekhandel is on the left side of the main entrance. You can find an overview of books per study over here

Are you unable to come to the VU but still want to buy books? You can buy books with a discount (if you become a member) via this link. Is it your first time visiting this website? Then click on Register and make an account. When making an account you can say that you are a VSPVU member in order to get your discounts. The account of is not the same as the bookstore website (! If you order your books before 17.00, your order will be shipped the same day to you, but you can also choose to pick the books up at the Bookstore.

Information about second-handed books
Do you have study books you no longer use? Sell them via the VSPVU. You can receive a good price for your study books and you would also support your association. It is very easy! We sell them in collaboration with the VU Boekhandel. They know which books are prescribed and pay when they sell. You do not have to come to the VSPVU room for this. The system works like this:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the button "Sell your textbooks".
  3. Enter your study books. You can only offer books that are mandatory study books.
  4. If the book has been sold, you will receive a message.
  5. Come to the VU Boekhandel with the notification and your books within three business days.
  6. The notification says from which association you are.
  7. You will immediately receive your money from the VU Boekhandel. 
  8. If your book has not been sold after a long period of time, you will receive a notification asking if you still want to offer it. We obviously hope this will not happen. As an association, we hope you will want to offer all of your used books for sale.

For questions, please contact the VU Boekhandel via Second-hand books are available on the VU Boekhandel website!