The VSPVU exists of fifteen committees that organise activities, ranging from study related to study trips, excursions and parties. There is something for everyone! Every committee has about six members (“active members”), who are committed to organising the most fun and interesting activities. As an active member you will watch how your own activity becomes reality, you will work together closely with your committee, you will get to know a lot of people and you will build up your resume. Each year, we thank our active members for their motivation during the Active Members Day and the Active Members Weekend, because we would not be able to organise all these fun activities without our committees!

Boaz Emanuals (Chairman)
Anel Hasic
Ward Jansen
Mandy Schunselaar
Kaylee Voorpostel


For all your parties and events, PARTY COMMITTEE! This festive committee consists of five amazing partyanimals. First off, we have our hardworking, but joyous secretary and promotion coördinator Kaylee. Without her, all unique ideas and creative words would be lost forever. Next up we have Anel, our most productive general member and sponsor coördinator. This guy always creates the best party atmosphere during meetings as well as parties. Then we arrive at our always accurate treasurer Ward, who makes sure to flip every penny in order to create an awesome party. And of course, we cannot forget about Mandy. This amazing external contacts coördinator and vice-chairwoman always makes sure the most fantastic venues and DJ's are booked. Besides that, this co-captain aids the rest of the committee as well. This chaotic bunch is being held together by our captain Boaz. He knows best what a great party should look like and in turn always ensures a rocking party is awaiting everone.

See you at our next party!


Sportcentrum VU

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