Sports Committee


De Sports Committee is de nieuwste commissie. Dit jaar zullen ze verschillende sportgerelateerde activiteiten organiseren.

 Als je contact op wilt nemen met de Sports Committee, stuur dan een e-mail naar

Edmon Agabekian (Voorzitter)
Lea-Jade Catalina
Eline van Kreuningen
Stella Renee

Hi everyone!

We’re the Sports Committee of 2018/2019 and at the same time the first formation of the Sports Committee ever. We will be responsible for organizing all the sporty events this year! 

At the head of this committee, and our only man (poor guy) is our charming chairman Edmond. He brought us together with great ideas, is responsible for making the agenda and will make sure that everyone does their tasks! Secondly, there’s Stella, our effortlessly cute external contacts. With her best skills she will keep in contact with every facility we need to keep in contact with considering our activities! Then there is Lea-Jade, our smart secretary that will take note of everything that’s happening. She keeps us grounded and will make sure we shut our mouths if we say unnecessary nonsense. Last but not least, Eline is our treasurer. She has strict control over the income and expenses of all our sporty activities. She will make sure we won’t go bankrupt. And that is our team of four!

We are really looking forward to organizing events that bring everyone together, namely in team sports.


Sportcentrum VU

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