Study Sessions

The exams and resits are in sight again! Can't find a spot to study in the busy canteen? Are you unable to focus? Come to the VSPVU Study Sessions! 

From the 22nd of May till the 1st of June, we have reserved a room for you to study in peace. The board will be there to support you with free cookies and coffee/tea/lemonade. Of course you could always come to us to complain about how hard life is right now! If you still need a summary, you can buy them at the balie in the basement of the VU Bookstore from the 15th till the 25th of May from 12.45-13.30 or online at 

The rooms we reserved for the Study Sessions are:
Tuesday 22: WN-M607
Wednesday 23: WN-C659
Thursday 24: WN-G076
Friday 25: WN-F607
Monday 28: HG-01A32
Tuesday 29: HG-10A36
Wednesday 30: HG-10A36
Thursday 31: HG-12A33
Friday 1: MF-A415

We wish you all the best of luck with your exams. You can do this!


the 71st board of the VSPVU


Sportcentrum VU
Sportcentrum VU

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