Barco #4 VSPVU Fair

Locatie: VSPVU room - MF-D056
Datum: 08 mei t/m 15 mei

Dear members, non-member, students and people that are still registered, just for the idea.

First of all we want to thank you for a fantastic year. The last BORRELS were fantastic, and it is wonderful to see you in a different context than on Monday morning in IN-0B60. As the Bar Committee, we are happy with you, but also, and this may well be said, with our trusted association, the VSPVU. Because without the VSPVU, many of us just led a study-responsible life, and many bff’s would never have met.
The VSPVU took all of us by the hand and dragged us into the dark hole of a-far-too-loose-Illusion-Weekend, Jagermeister, never-to-go-to-college-and-just-get-a-6-for-your-exam, and Bavaria beer. We want to thank you very much for your trust and presence, for some of you for countless years. We will tackle that in a big way. On May 15, 2019. Because especially for everyone who has always been at the forefront, but certainly also for those we have already had to miss several times. You definitely want to get off the couch for this one. We’ll see you May 15, from 16:00 in the VSPVU room, on the one and only:


Let us surprise you. Think big. We won’t say anything yet. We won’t disappoint you.

The Bar Committee

WHEN: Wednesday 15 May 2019
WHAT TIME: 16:00-21:30


Sportcentrum VU

Realisatie: verenigingenweb