Battle of the MF

Locatie: MF Building
Datum: 15 april t/m 17 april

It is time for the greatest battle of the year! Which association will prove themselves to be the greatest? Which association will win the greatest honor of the year? And which association will win the amazing MF-Battle Cup? This time, at the 17th of April YOU can prove your worth for your association. Through numerous games you can beat the other teams and bring victory upon your association. To enter you can sign up by yourself or with a team of 5 at your own association. We will have a borrel at 16:00, pizza at 17:00 (for 5,50) and games at 19:00. Make sure you don't miss out on this event and sign up fast! Signing up is free but if you want dinner to be included it's 5,50 for a choice of the following pizza's: Two cheeses, Pepperoni, Margarita, Funghi or BBQ bacon.

We hope to see you there!



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