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Blog post #2 - Esmee


Hi lovely VSPVU’ers,

I would love to share with you a little bit about my year in the VSPVU so far. I have had so much fun, but it has also been a rollercoaster!

The first couple of months have been hectic with loads of new impressions. Writing a policy plan with 6 people is not easy but even more fulfilling when it is voted in. Forming all the committees was a chaotic couple of weeks but this also meant meeting a lot of new members! But new members also meant more work for me as the Secretary! While getting used to my daily tasks like transcribing and handling the mailbox, the member admin was my main focus. But next to that, there was also a time for a lot of fun! Like committee meetings with Congrescie and Actie and meeting all our brother and sister associations!

Now more than half a year into the Board year I have finally settled down fully. At the moment, it feels like we run like an oiled machine. With more (big) events than ever, the hard work we put into the association together with the committees is finally seeing its results.

We have just returned from a very tiring but fun ski trip and are already preparing for the next big trip and of course Active Member Weekend!

Regarding my function, I also feel like I am in full control. This means more time for some fun side tasks, like writing this blog post. The best thing about being Secretary is the diversity of tasks! And of course, being in contact with the members ;)

Come see us in the room and join us at the upcoming events! And you are always welcome to ask me all your questions about being Board/Secretary <3


Esmee Blankers

Secretary of the 77th Board