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Blog post #1 - Ziggy


Hi beloved member!

Hereby, I would like to present the first blogpost of the year! In these blogposts, we will present our personal experience of what it is like to be part of the Board and let you guys know what is going on within the association.

My beginning of the year was quite smoothly. First, when you become a Board member, you are not fully sure what you are getting yourself into. Each position comes with their own challenges and tasks which are quite intriguing and exciting. So hereby, I will present my experience as chairman.

Personally, I really enjoy the position. Throughout my short (up until now) experience as Board member, I got to learn quite a few valuable lessons regarding my organisational and time managing skills. As a Chairman, I get to attend meetings regarding other associations, projects, and university matters. These allowed me to understand and get a better grasp on what is going in the university and how strong the bond is between different associations trying to make students' lives better. But not all meetings are this formal. Some of the meetings are also quite chill, such as the G5. This is a meeting between the five biggest study associations within the VU. We sit down and just discuss our personal experiences, challenges, and what can we learn from each other's associations. As you may noticed this position comes with a lot of interactions and meeting new people. This was always my driving force as I am very keen on making new connections.

This year, the association received a lot of new active members, which in turn made me very excited for the ideas and the creativity that they bring, and up until now I can say I am not disappointed. It is very fulfilling to see how the association changes from year to year and this year I am very happy to be able to have my contribution in shaping the VSPVU. I get to touch upon 3 different committees, as well as contribute to the room’s energy.

Overall, I am very happy with the challenge I took upon myself this year, as this allowed me to grow as person as well as revealed my weaknesses, which I continue to improve upon.

See you in the next blog!