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Blog post #3


Hello fellow warriors!

Finally, it’s Stefan’s turn to write the mighty blog.

The adventure goes on! As you may have noticed the evil wizard Lord Covid Corona has cast upon another spell over the Netherlands. He released wicked sinful bloodsucking vampires across this mighty land. However, the evil wizard Lord Covid Corona has of course forgotten his wicked sinful bloodsucking vampires can’t withstand daylight. Therefore, the warriors need to finish all their quests within a certain time limit, before the darkness occurs…

  …And when the darkness comes…

…They look out of their window…

and see’s all the evil bloodsucking vampires haunting all the poor humans that didn’t make it to the safeness of their home! Listening to their screams! Which sounds like chalk being scrubbed violently across a board by wicked goblins!

Although the Dutch night is haunting, the cold long winter days are wonderful! It’s of great notice that the frost-queen is reigning these days. I myself totally love it. It’s wonderful going outside, being able to see your own breath. When cycling I feel like a huge dragon flying across the Dutch wonderland.

Although the evil wizard Lord Covid Corona still has control over our lives the mighty warriors are trying their everything to make the best out of this disadvantageous situation. I’m so happy to see all my glorious committees fighting hard and entering the magnificent other world, the virtual world, doing all their meetings online with their SCI-FI Computer machines from the future! they totally know how to make the best out of the situation.

And so does the rest of the mighty association. Soooooo many people showed up to our marvelous online borrel. Everyone had super much fun and enjoyed themselves. Everybody was dressed up well in super creative costumes. I bet the evil wizard Lord Covid Corona didn’t think about that when casting his corona spell upon the world. I’m really looking forward to all the similar events in the future whether they’ll be online or not! It’s always so much fun with this association.  

Anyways, warrior, I’m super glad you read this far. Unfortunately, I gotta go now, To shoot an epic video with the superior sea sorcerer Martijn from the sea.  For all the committee’s keep going! I’m super proud of you and I’m really looking forward to all your events coming up here in February and march I can’t wait to see you all soon!


Best Regards,

Stefan Canic