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Hi there, lovely member


Here is an update from me, Martijn, from the board with the first blogpost of the year! Here we can let you guys know what is going on within the association and some other things. And I’m the first to write the blog, so here it is!

Personally I am doing quite well, even though the weather is becoming shittier with every passing day. Luckily that doesn’t mean everything in life becomes shittier. Committees are starting with their activities now which means there is a lot to do in life again. I really am looking forward to everything and it will probably vary the day to day life a bit more than before. Because day to day life could be a bit more fun. I really enjoy being chairman of the association, don’t get me wrong, the tasks and the projects are intriguing, varying and challenging in the right sort of way. But as chairman I attend a lot of meetings, each originally with their own subject and ideas, but now almost every meeting has been hijacked by corona. This means that almost every meeting I attend is about handling corona, which is fun at the beginning, but after a while the fun just wears off. There is only so much that you can say about it. But yeah, that seriously is the only thing that I can complain about in my life, so maybe I should skip the complaining altogether.

Like I said however, I’m really looking forward to all the upcoming events. The committees have been really creative with their online events and some educational events have even been able to do a hybrid form (online and offline). The things that have been thought of as online events look really promising and my curiosity is heightened by the fact that this is completely new territory for the association. I must say, things are looking good for the future.

I hope to see each and everyone of you soon, either online or in person. Take care, enjoy and stay healthy!

Cheers, Martijn