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COVID-19 Update EN


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This page has been updated on the 28th of April 2020.

Dear members,

Due to all the questions surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we have decided to create the following Frequently Asked Questions page. This also affects students of the VSPVU, which is why we would like to inform you about our current state of affairs regarding the virus. For information from other parties such as the VU and RIVM, we recommend that you look at the bottom of this page.


What happens with the VSPVU Room?
The VSPVU Room (MF-D056) is closed until September until further notice. You cannot go to the VSPVU Room to contact members, contact the Board in person, or deliver mail and packages, as the Board will not be in the room either. If you want to contact the Board, you can do this via our mail.

What happens with the VSPVU book and summaries sales?
The VSPVU Book store is closed until September until further notice. It is possible to buy books online via and summaries via For buying books online, you can go to and log in. Is it your first time visiting this website? Then click on Register and make an account. When making an account you can say that you are a VSPVU member in order to get your discounts. The account of is not the same as the book store website (! From there, you can click on Order to order your books with VSPVU discount. For buying summaries online, you can go to and order summaries from there. When checking out, make sure to use the discount code VSPVU5 to get your member discuount. We are unfortunately unable to offer the same member discount for physical sales on summaries, but we are looking into options to make the summaries as cheap as possible.

What happens with the upcoming activities?
All our physical events will be canceled until September until further notice. Any activities organized during this period will also be canceled and we encourage our members to stay at home. You can approach the year schedule for the provisionally adjusted schedule. This means that all physical activities until September are either cancelled or postponed. We are offering our committee members ways to organize activities online, like lectures or even workgroups, yet we are uncertain as to how these activities will take shape. We would kindly request you to keep an eye out on our social media channels for this information, as Instagram and Facebook are our main ways of promoting these activities. We would also like to make our members aware that the General Meeting on the 10th of June from 18:00 onwards will take place as intended, but online. Since these will be online meetings, more information will follow in the weeks beforehand. We would really appreciate it if you are able to join us on this evening, as we would love to hear back from our members as well!

What happens with the Introduction Week?
The Introduction Week will not be physical, so you can say that the Introduction Week as we normally know it will be cancelled. However, there will be online replacements for the Introduction Week. These can be for example virtual tours through Amsterdam, group-games like pub quizzes and much more. We kindly request all Mentors to be thoughtful to the situation and the committee and to make the best out of it, as a lot needs to be planned in a short amount of time. Therefore, more information for Mentors will be shared on the WhatsApp groups. Do you want to become a Mentor, even while being outside of the Netherlands? Now you can, sign up here!

What happens with the Candidacy Board?
We have decided to extend the deadline to apply for the Candidacy Board until the 30th of April. If you would like to apply for the Candidacy Board, please send us a mail ( with your motivation letter of a maximum of 1 paper, as well as your resume or CV. We can understand that the Candidacy Board is one of the least of your concerns right now, which is why we have decided to extend the application date.

What happens with the education and VU-related business?
For all information regarding the coronavirus regarding education, the VU and study-related issues, we would like to redirect you to the official VU coronavirus web page,

What happens to the Netherlands and the government (RIVM) during the Corona crisis?
For all information about the coronavirus related to the Netherlands and the government, we would like to refer you to the official RIVM coronavirus web page,

We would like to stress out that we, the Board, will still be available to contact through our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, of which links are on our Contact page. We are also available to contact through our mail ( which is our preferred way and also the quickest way of contacting us. Do not hesitate at any time to contact us or the VU if you have any worries, and keep your personal health your main priority.

Kind regards,
The 73rd Board of the Study Association VSPVU