Academic advisors

Academic advisors are here to help and guide you during your study. If you are failing classes, you can come to them for advice on how to study more effectively, how to plan better, etc. You can come to them for pretty much everything concerning your study. Not only if things are not going very well, but also if you feel like you could do something extra, like the Honours Programme.

How do you make an appointment with an academic advisor?

  1. Click here, then click on ‘Kijk op VU-net’ (it is just below the e-mail address in red).
  2. Click on ‘appointments’ and go to the ‘online calender’. Here you can make your appointment.

The academic advisors usually are really busy, so your appointment will not take place until a few weeks after requesting it. If you are in a hurry, you could always visit them in the walk-in hours (everyday from 12:45-13:30).

If you need some other kind of consultation or advice, take a look here. Cannot find it? Do not be afraid to ask the VSPVU board any time by sending us an e-mail ( or by coming by our room (D056 in de Medical Faculty) during our opening hours. We are always glad to help you!


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