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Active members day - 7 November 2017

Dear active members,

The long wait is over! The theme of Active Members Day 2017 is…..


This day will revolve around money, money and money only. An evening especially for the richest people of this earth. There will be a wonderful dinner for you all, cooked by a former Amstel Hotel chef. After this, there will be a party, where it will literally be raining money. So dress up as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Kim Kardashian and go totally crazy on Abba’s track MONEY MONEY MONEY. 

Of course, beer, wine and sodas will be free, because millionaires don’t pay for that. But before you can enjoy this amazing night, your committee will have to become rich from the city assignment. Who will be the richest committee of the day?

The 7th of November, we will gather at 12.30 in the VSPVU room (MF D056). Everybody will participate in the city assignment, where you can become the richest committee of the day! After getting to know each other in the city assignment, we will gather at VRA Cricketvereniging (Nieuwe Kalfjeslaan 21B, 1182 AA, Amstelveen). We will have dinner there, play some games and have a party. At 02.00 the party will be over, because the next day we’ll have to make money again! Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to stay the night at the location. We recommend you to bring your bike for the city assignment. This day will only cost 9 euros. You can fill in an authorization form in the VSPVU room. Hurry, because there are limited places!

Reveal your inner capitalist and we will see you all on the 7th of November.

The 71st Board.


Sportcentrum VU

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