• Study Sessions

    The exams and resits are in sight again! Can't find a spot to study in the busy canteen? Are you unable to focus? Come to the VSPVU Study Sessions! 

    From the 19th till the 28th of June, we have reserved a room for you to study in peace. The board will be there to support you with free cookies and coffee/tea/lemonade. Of course you could always come to us to complain about how hard life is right now! If you still need a summary, you can buy them at the balie in the basement of the VU Bookstore everyday from 12.45-13.30 till the 22nd of Jun or online at 

    The rooms we reserved for the Study Sessions are:
    Tuesday 19 - Friday 22: IN-2B59
    Monday 25 - Tuesday 26: MF-J182
    Wednesday 27: HG-06A28
    Thursday 28: HG-05A16

    We wish you all the best of luck with your exams. You can do this!


    the 71st board of the VSPVU

  • Barbecue

    The academic year is almost over and what better way to celebrate that than enjoying a barbecue with the VSPVU!

    On the 28th of June, the VSPVU has organized a barbecue outside of the MF building at the VU. There will be one piece of meat for everyone, so don't hesitate to bring your own meat if you would like some more. Of course, there will also be lots of beer, wine and soda. After the barbecue has ended at 20:30 we'll head out to the Woody's, where our very last borrel of the academic year will be held. 

    So bring all your study-friends and toast to the beginning of summer break! See you then!

    Het collegejaar is bijna voorbij en er is natuurlijk geen betere manier om dat te vieren dan een barbecue met de VSPVU!

    Op 28 juni organiseert de VSPVU een barbecue op het gras naast het MF gebouw op de VU. Voor iedereen zal één stuk vlees zijn, dus vrees niet om zelf wat mee te nemen als je meer wilt. Uiteraard zal er ook genoeg bier, wijn en fris zijn. Nadat de barbecue om 20:30 is geëindigd, zullen we op weg gaan naar de Woody's, waar onze allerlaatste borrel van het collegejaar zal plaatsvinden.

    Dus neem al je studievrienden mee en proost op het begin van de zomervakantie! Tot dan!

  • Borrel #6: The best of themes

    It's almost time for our very last Woody's borrel of the academic year! This time, you'll get to relive your favorite borrel theme of the year! The themes were:

    - Oh My Posh: dress up as a stereotype rich person (think: Ralph Lauren polo, kaki shorts, etc.)
    - Ugly Christmas Sweaters: goes without saying ;)
    - Nerds and Cool Kids: dress up as your typical high school jock or chemistry noob
    - Back to the Zoo: get wild and wear cat ears and tail
    - Workout Misters and Yoga Sisters: rock a colorful 80s fitness outfit

    Which one was your favorite? We'll know when we see you at the Woody's on the 28th!

    Het is bijna tijd voor onze allerlaatste Woody's borrel van het collegejaar! Dit keer kun je je favoriete borrelthema van het jaar herleven! De thema's waren:

    - Oh My Posh: kom als stereotype kakker (denk aan een Ralph Lauren polo, kaki shorts, etc.)
    - Ugly Christmas Sweaters: spreekt voor zich ;)
    - Nerds and Cool Kids: verkleed je als een typische middelbare school sportfanaat of juist als scheikunde-nerd
    - Back to the Zoo: doe eens wild en draag kattenoren en -staartje
    - Workout Misters and Yoga Sisters: rock een kleurrijke jaren 80 fitness outfit

    Welke was jouw favoriet? Daar komen we achter als we je de 28e in de Woody's zien!

  • Psy Kick-Off Raise your flag

    Hello VSPVU Members, Mentors and new Students of Psychology, Child Studies en Universitaire pabo,
    We’re back with another (and our last) party! 

    The VSPVU has never seen more cultures and nationalities than now, and we’re proud of that! Is there a better way to introduce yourself, than to show us were you’re from? 


    Show us your colors during the Psy Kick-Off party! Dress up with your introduction group like your home country, favorite country, holiday country, whatever country!

    Where: Club Panama, Amsterdam
    When: 22nd of August, first day of the introduction week
    Time: 21:00 - 03:00

  • Illusieweekend - A whole new world

  • Congress - A State of Mind

  • Welcome to Amsterdam

  • LEX #1: A Dissociative Mind

  • Party #1: Candyland

  • Activity #1: National Holidays 101

  • STAY A MEMBER IN 2018/2019

  • First Aid Course

    Always wanted to be a hero? On the 5th of February we offer a First Aid course, after which you can save human lives with the knowledge gained. Topics that will be treated are: exercising with CPR and AED use, treating the most important life-threatening disorders and much more! The course will be provided by First Aid Education of the VU and is also given annually to medical students.

    This course will take place from 6.30 pm and will take about 3 hours. For this instructive evening you will only pay € 5.50 as a member and as a non-member € 9.60!

  • Gala: Loveboat 2.0

    Loveboat is back, this time bigger and better! Have you already found your Valentine, or is your soulmate still walking around somewhere? Put on your nicest gala clothes en perhaps Cupido has a surprise ready for you at Loveboat 2.0. With our open bar for wine, beer and soda, it’ll be easier to approach your crush and ask for a dance. Single and not ready to mingle? No problem! You can also have an amazing party with your best friends. Make legendary pictures in the photobooth, re-enact the beautiful scene from Titanic or show your best dance moves at this Valentines gala.

    Don’t forget to leave behind a sweet message for your crush or sweetheart. Send it to:, then we’ll make sure that there will be a card with message ready for that person.

    Theme: Loveboat 2.0
    Date & time: 13th of February, 23:00-03:15, boat leaves at 23:30

  • Activity #2: Apenkooien

  • CareerCo #1: Human resources

  • ChildCo #2: Let's go to cito

    We gaan terug in de tijd naar het basisschoolleven. Wat herinner je je nog? Juist, die enige Cito-toetsen! Maar hoe worden die Cito-toetsen gemaakt? Of nagekeken? Bij welke scores was je een nerd, wanneer had je gewoon je dag niet en hoe wordt dat bepaald? Reis met ons mee naar Arnhem om antwoord te krijgen op deze vragen! Je krijgt dan een interactieve workshop waarin ze alles uitleggen over de toetsen en je gaat vervolgens zelf ook aan de slag. De kosten zijn maar 1 euro voor leden en 1,50 euro voor niet-leden en wij regelen de lunch voor jullie! Het avontuur begint om 9:00 uur en is in het begin van de middag afgelopen. Heb je zin om gezellig samen te reizen? Wij verzamelen rond half 8 op station Zuid! Schrijf je snel in voor 18 februari voor 13.30 uur!

  • SkiCo Preunion: Snowbuddies

    Yo Snow People!

    Got enough friends?? Didn’t think so ;). Come through for the second SkiCo borrel and come meet your new snow friends, snowbuddies if you will. Y’all know the drill, bring your good vibes and smiles to the Jam so we can get absolutely blitzed together!! No friends?? That's snow problem!!! You’ll have plenty after this tasteful mixer!

    “Sorry I only take my jager straight” - some random ski bum

    One love baby babayyy
    Yours truly,

    When???? : Feb 20th, 21:00 - 23:00 -> For all ski trip participants
                                         23:00 - 01:00 -> For everyone who wants to

  • Signing Up Study Trip 2019: Malta

    Are you guys ready for another amazing study trip? We are! This year’s lovely Study Trip Committee will be planning a trip from the 5th till the 12th of May. For an amount of no less than €399 (€438 for non-members) we are going on a trip full of fun, cool and exciting activities! The price includes flight, accommodation, transport ánd activities and can also be paid in installments (because we all know the student life struggles).

    Signing up for the study trip will be possible on Tuesday February 26th at 12.30 in the VSPVU room. But, the line-up starts at 11.30, so be quick! We only have 32 spots available and members have a priority over non-members. The authorization forms for the study trip will be available on the website soon and more information will follow, so stay tuned!

    And what about the location of the study trip? This year we will be discovering the beautiful island of Malta!
    If you have any questions or just need some more information, feel free to approach us at any time or send an email to!

  • Borrel #4: Mardi Grass

    New pub new theme! The fourth borrel of the year will be held at our new main pub! You don't want to miss out on this premiere! Bring everything that's gold, purple or green and make sure you'll be there. The pub crawl will also finish here so if you'd like to get used to the theme beforehand make sure you attend the pub crawl as well! We are very happy to welcome you the 28th in our new main pub!

  • NVO praktijkavond


    Studeer je (ortho)pedagogiek en wil je meer praktische informatie krijgen over de verschillende werkvelden?
    Kom dan naar deze informele praktijkavond, georganiseerd door de Nederlandse vereniging van pedagogen en onderwijskundigen (NVO) en studievereniging VSPVU.

    Een aantal ervaringsdeskundigen zullen meer vertellen over hun werk en praktijkervaringen. Grijp je kans om vragen af te vuren op toekomstige collega (ortho)pedagogen in de gehandicaptenzorg, de geestelijke gezondheidszorg, de jeugdzorg en het onderwijs.
    Wie weet hebben ze handige tips voor je!

    De netwerkavond is op maandag 15 april van 19.15 – 21.00 op de Vrije Universiteit, Medische Faculteit (A vleugel, 2e verdieping).
    1 euro voor leden, 1,50 euro voor niet-leden.
    Koop je kaartje op, of in de VSPVU-kamer.
    Teken in voor 3 van de 4 domeinen: Jeugdzorg, Gehandicaptenzorg, Onderwijs en Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg.
    Wij proberen je 1e en 2e keuze te honoreren.

    19.15 – 19.25: Inloop, aanmelden en indeling
    19.30 – 20.10: Ronde 1
    20.20 – 21.00: Ronde 2

  • Active Member Weekend

    Dear active members,

    It's time for Active Member Weekend! The biggest thank you to all our active members is to give you a weekend full of partying, activities and good company. We will make sure that that is arranged for you! On the 5th of April we will start our great weekend to celebrate the summer and we don't stop until the 7th! Make sure you don't miss out on THE active member event of the year and get your tickets (42,-) in the VSPVU room from the 18th of March! Accommodation, drinks and food are all included in the price so don't worry about getting hungry or thirsty. Would you rather pay in installments? That's possible too, but this is only possible in the VSPVU room! 

    We can't wait to celebrate the summer with you! Stay tuned to the event todiscover what to expect from this magnificent weekend! 


    Lieve actieve leden,

    Het is tijd voor Actief Leden Weekend! Het grootste bedankje dat we kunnen geven aan al onze actieve leden is een weekend vol feesten, activiteiten en goed gezelschap. Wij gaan ervoor zorgen dat dat voor je geregeld wordt! Op 5 april starten we ons topweekend om de zomer te vieren en we gaan door tot de 7e! Zorg dat je HET actieve leden evenement van het jaar niet mist en haal snel je ticket (42,-) vanaf 18 maart in de VSPVU kamer! Verblijf, drankjes en eten zijn allemaal in de prijs inbegrepen dus maak je geen zorgen om dorst te krijgen of hongerig te worden. Betaal je liever in termijnen? Dat kan ook, maar daarvoor moet je in de VSPVU kamer zijn! 

    Wij kunnen niet wachten om de zomer met jullie te vieren. Houd dit evenement in de gaten om op de hoogte te blijven van wat dit weekend jou allemaal te bieden heeft!

  • Hitchhike Committee: Campinglife by night

  • Childco #3: Beperkt met een beperking?


    Lieve VSPVU’ers.

    Op woensdag 17 april is het jouw kans om een kijkje te nemen in hoe het is om te leven met een beperking! Jouw kans om meer te weten te komen over het leven met een beperking. Bert Jacobsz-Resink gaat ons vertellen over zijn ervaringen met zijn pleegzoon Francesco (16). Hij heeft de spierziekte Duchenne en is die dag zelf ook aanwezig. Verder vertelt een werknemer over haar baan bij stichting Omega waar ze meervoudig complex gehandicapte kinderen en volwassenen behandelen. Kom gezellig na je hoorcollege (17:30) waarbij er ook tijd is voor een lekker hapje eten! Kaartjes voor leden zijn maar €1 en voor niet-leden €1.50, we zien jullie graag dan in HG-07A16!

  • Ski Trip Reunion: ONE FINAL RIDE!

    We of the Ski Trip Committee are stoked for our final event this study year: ONE FINAL RIDE!!! We've missed hanging with you peeps, memories of the aprés ski still haunt us to this day. We want more! Come for The Final Ride down and join us the 16th at Chupitos! Reunite with your snowbuddies, sample The Blizz one last time, and go for the full send! 

  • Battle of the MF

    It is time for the greatest battle of the year! Which association will prove themselves to be the greatest? Which association will win the greatest honor of the year? And which association will win the amazing MF-Battle Cup? This time, at the 17th of April YOU can prove your worth for your association. Through numerous games you can beat the other teams and bring victory upon your association. To enter you can sign up by yourself or with a team of 5 at your own association. We will have a borrel at 16:00, pizza at 17:00 (for 5,50) and games at 19:00. Make sure you don't miss out on this event and sign up fast! Signing up is free but if you want dinner to be included it's 5,50 for a choice of the following pizza's: Two cheeses, Pepperoni, Margarita, Funghi or BBQ bacon.

    We hope to see you there!


  • Activity #3: The Murder Game

  • Careerco #3: Working with Criminal Minds

  • Barco #4 VSPVU Fair

    Dear members, non-member, students and people that are still registered, just for the idea.

    First of all we want to thank you for a fantastic year. The last BORRELS were fantastic, and it is wonderful to see you in a different context than on Monday morning in IN-0B60. As the Bar Committee, we are happy with you, but also, and this may well be said, with our trusted association, the VSPVU. Because without the VSPVU, many of us just led a study-responsible life, and many bff’s would never have met.
    The VSPVU took all of us by the hand and dragged us into the dark hole of a-far-too-loose-Illusion-Weekend, Jagermeister, never-to-go-to-college-and-just-get-a-6-for-your-exam, and Bavaria beer. We want to thank you very much for your trust and presence, for some of you for countless years. We will tackle that in a big way. On May 15, 2019. Because especially for everyone who has always been at the forefront, but certainly also for those we have already had to miss several times. You definitely want to get off the couch for this one. We’ll see you May 15, from 16:00 in the VSPVU room, on the one and only:


    Let us surprise you. Think big. We won’t say anything yet. We won’t disappoint you.

    The Bar Committee

    WHEN: Wednesday 15 May 2019
    WHAT TIME: 16:00-21:30

  • Mentorland

  • Lex #3: Psychological coaching


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