RvA / Kasco

We are the RvA and the KasCo (Dutch for Advisory Board and the Financial Check Committee). The members of the RvA are Jetty, Margot and Esther. De members of the KasCo are Mathanja and Esther. As the name suggests, de RvA has the task of advising the board of the VSPVU on basically everything. And even if the board doesn’t want this advice, the RvA has the responsibility to butt in and let her opinion be heard. De KasCo had the task to check if the earnings and expenses of the VSPVU are accounted for and to check if the board doesn’t store away any money for a private board holiday to Ibiza. This is what we do. But who are we?

Jetty could be described as helpful, amazingly naïve and cheerful (especially when she has had a beer). Margot, also knows as Mo, is sweet, cute (but don’t say that to her face), sarcastic and always in for a beer (of two or three). Esther always makes things exciting, with whomever she is. Ze is open, fun and always prepared to answer any questions. Mathanja is caring, involved with how people are doing and you can always talk to her about pretty much everything. 

The four of us have a combined total of 15 years of committee experience and we have been to at least one event of every committee (except for the Wintersportcie. If you want to know that story, you’ll have to ask Pieter, Communication and Media). So if you have any questions about the VSPVU, the Board or us, we are happy to answer them!


With love,


The RvA and KasCo



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