This year the study trip committee will include six hardworking, sweet and fun committee members. Eleanor is our external contact. One of the biggest qualities she has, is that she can make sure that everyone in the group will have a good time. Her laugh makes other people laugh and she looks at troubles with a brighter sight. Our treasurer is Demi and she will take responsibility for the finances before, during and after the trip. Besides being a treasurer, Demi is our go-to person when you need a friend to talk to. Celine, our secretary, is the committee member that is down-to-earth. That makes her a very important committee member. In the study trip committee there are two general members. This year that will be Tim and Nathalie. Both are hardworking members and they know how to stay calm during chaos and stress. That makes them important for the committee, because organising a study trip for 40 students gives chaos and stress. The last committee member is Liz and she is the chairwomen. She will make sure that everyone knows what they are doing and is just as sweet and fun as everyone else.


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