Each year, the Liftcie organises a hitchhiking competition to a European city. The competition starts on Friday morning at the dawn of the day, when everyone first hears the name of the location. As the Liftcie, you keep the VSPVU’s biggest secret for a year: the city where the hitchhike weekend will take place. De Liftcie organises a complete weekend, thinks of activities at the location, arranges a place to sleep and much more to make it an awesome weekend! In de past, we have been to Leipzig, Hamburg, Paris, Szczcecin, Sneek, Groningen and Lille.

If you wish to contact the Liftcie, please send an e-mail to

Chairwoman: Chiara Rijlaarsdam


Athena Studies
Feestcafé Woody's
Sportcentrum VU

Realization: verenigingenweb