The LEX is the VSPVU’s committee for lectures and excursions. Each year, the LEX organises five study related activities. In the past years, there have been lectures about suicide, internet dating and forensic psychology. There have also been lectures by an ex-detainee, a military with PTSD and a victim of sexual abuse. There have been excursions to School TV and Dolhuys.

What you normally do not see in your study lectures is what the LEX brings to you. Field experts, patients and psychologist from the work field bring the study material to life and bring you stories you would otherwise never hear.

If you wish to contact the LEX, please send an e-mail to lex@vspvu.com.


Kirana Bäumer Motha
Giovanni Stickdorn
Max Albrecht
Tessa Hollaender (Chairwoman)

It was a project X like party in which our story takes place. The five SEX-LEX friends entered the party in slow-motion while the beat dropped. Someone ruined their grand entrance by walking through the picture. Their alcohol-level was already pretty high which revealed everyone’s true drunk personality. Karlo for example immediately heard the door squeaking and started offering his services for money. He not only said he could repair the door, but also was keen on firing the bartender and taking his place. Furthermore, he started cooking a five-course meal, threw up in the corner, and continued his duties by repairing all the bikes and generally offered his services for literally everything for cash. Max could be found in a deep philosophic conversation, in which only he seemed completely involved whilst his conversation partner only confirmed with apathic nods and was actually trying not to throw up. Meanwhile, Giovanni was making some new friends. To be honest he was running around the place, having 7 conversations at the same time. He was seen everywhere and nowhere at the same time. At the end of the night Giovanni had 399 new facebook friends, 102 new follows on Instagram, appeared in 25 stories and had 16 invitations for new parties and hand made plans to hang out with 12 other people. Tessa was raving af in the bathroom, Mozart’s Magic Flute Queen of the Night aria was blasting of a low-quality speaker. But where the heck is Kirana? She was last seen at the beginning of the night and it turned out she went on a drunk adventure.


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