Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee is committed to warmly welcoming first year students Psychology and Child Studies. The Introduction Committee gives everything to give the new students an unforgettable start of an unforgettable studentship. They do this by organising the following activities:

  • Selecting the best, most fun, but also the most responsible mentors that will escort the first years during the introduction week. These mentors are being well prepared for mentorship and diverse activities are organised for them by the Illusie, like a mentor day and a mentor weekend. This way, they will be perfectly synergised.
  • Tranz0: The magazine that is sent to all first year students Psychology and Child Studies before they start their study. This magazine is put together by the member of the Illusie. It contains all information first year students will need to knwo about the introduction time and the active life at the VSPVU.
  • Illusie weekend: this is the weekend to really get to know your fellow students. By playing games, relaxing, partying, little sleep and mostly lots of fun, this weekend is unforgettable for most students. This is also the Illusie’s highlight of the year and the committee works towards this last and most exiting activity with great joy.

The Introduction Committee means joy, creativity, responsibility, but mostly experiencing some great highlights in your studentship.

If you wish to contact the Illusie, please send an e-mail to

Daan Verhoofstad
Finn Keatinge
Kerem Özul (Chairman)
Deina Uzdraite
Bram Wolters

Mirror mirror on the wall, which committee is the greatest of them all? As would many, you too would see the name Introduction appearing on the mirror. With the visionary chairman Kerem, Introduction Committee has come to rock your world with award winning active members. It consists of the most treasured treasurer Bram, fastest secretary, who types faster than her shadow Deina, charming external contact Daan who he makes biggest companies go crazy for sponsoring us and outsanding vice-chairman Finn to bind them all. Watch out for this year’s Introduction Weekend, you just might enjoy it a little too much!


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