Each year at the start of the college year, the Congrescie organises a congress or a symposium. The committee members try to bring psychological and pedagogical matters to life for the students of the faculty. The gap between study and practice will be reduced at the congress by for example professors, clients and field experts. Therefore, visiting the VSPVU’s congress is an interesting connection to the study, that will result in depth and widening of knowledge.

The Congrescie is free to choose a theme and location for the congress. Last year, these were:

  • The Maximum Brain in Amsterdam (October 2016)
  • The Leading Brain in Amsterdam (November 2015)
  • The Influential Brain in Amsterdam (2014)
  • The Sexual Brain in Amsterdam (2013)
  • The Criminal Brain in Amsterdam (2012)
  • Manipulation in Amsterdam (2012)
  • Processing of Trauma in Leuven, Belgium (2011)

If you wish to contact the Congrescie, please send an e-mail to

Chairwoman: Eline van Kreuningen


Athena Studies
Feestcafé Woody's
Sportcentrum VU

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